Mindset of Free Money Loans without Collateral That Must Be Changed

Loans for free or without collateral indeed attract attention, anyone can apply if they really need. This choice will certainly greatly help the community to help them get out of financing problems. But not all people believe in this, why? Here it is the reason.


Still a Moneylender

Still a Moneylender

Even though there have been many unpleasant stories about loan sharks and their choking interest, there are still many who believe in this one service even though unsecured loans (KTA) offer easier and faster options. There are still many people who think if we make a free loan or KTA in the bank, the conditions are very complicated. A mindset like this that indirectly fosters the practice of moneylenders who are actually distressing society.

In reality, the loan sharks did not solve problems, especially financial problems. Instead this will add to the problem for you and put you into a deeper and trapping debt hole. The bank does provide some rules and policies for those of you who want to apply for a KTA. However, the general requirements submitted to you cannot be categorized as simple, because you must provide: KTP, NPWP, salary slip, credit card and so on. In fact, the Bank does not want undesirable things to happen in the future or at random and easy disbursement of loans. This aims to minimize the risk of default from customers which can affect the course of an economy.

But now there are lots of free money loans through KTA that provide simple requirements using only KTP and also pay slips. So with this facility, there is no longer a story where you are ensnared by loan sharks.


A stifling flower

money loans

Many also conclude like this. This misleading conclusion indeed becomes a fence where not everyone knows about this KTA loan. Even people issuing this reason may not necessarily have compared the interest rates of all banks. As high as the interest on free money loans in the form of a KTA, still higher interest on loans provided by loan sharks, which reaches 1% per day. Some banks even offer KTA, which offer interest per month of only 0.99%. So where is it more suffocating? Loan sharks or banks?


No Credit Card

No Credit Card

Not all Indonesians have a credit card because this is not a popular payment option. There are many reasons why not to use a credit card, these reasons vary, many consider credit cards to be a card that is misleading and has a high interest rate, and is also often rejected by banks. In fact, credit cards are important, and there is also a goal to facilitate banking matters, especially for lending and borrowing issues such as housing loans (KPR), motor vehicle loans (KKB) and also free money loanssuch as KTA. Most banks will require prospective customers who want to apply for a KTA to include a credit card that is still active for at least 1 year. So what if you really don’t have a credit card but want to apply for a loan to the bank immediately?No need to worry,because now there are banks that do not require customers to have an active credit card. Provided you have a fixed income, then KTA can be disbursed without long-winded conditions.


KTA is always identified with the state of being trapped

Most people might be considered in a difficult situation when applying for a free money loan or a KTA. This thought has always made KTA’s stigma in the community a little bit fenced off. KTA is still synonymous with people who are in a state of being trapped. But in reality, not all debt is always synonymous with hard life.

There is also some advice that says that we should not owe when financial conditions are worse, but owe when the finances are fit. The reason makes sense, because the banks themselves can see the financial condition of a customer, does the debt exceed the ideal proportion? Or is there a history of bad credit and so on? If your finances are a mess because of the accumulated debt, then it is certain that the bank will reject the application that you submit.