5 electric vehicles with the highest claimed range on sale

This is happening even as we speak. The EV market is gradually and obviously expanding its footprint in India. Besides new brands, even mainstream bike and scooter manufacturers have jumped on the trend and are already setting the pattern for their EV portfolio for years to come. But from a buyer’s point of view, one of the most or probably the most important aspects of an electric vehicle is the range it offers. We’ve done quite a bit of research and here are the top five electric two-wheelers in India that offer the most range on paper.

Ranger Komaki


While a lot of electric two-wheelers are designed with a bit of a conservative approach, the Komaki Ranger seems to be the opposite. It gets a proper cruiser stance with original bodywork. Although electric, Komaki also slapped on fake exhaust pipes, more or less to mimic gas-powered ones.

The Komaki Ranger is priced at Rs 1,74,500 (Ex-showroom, Delhi) and is fitted with a 3.6 kWh battery that claims to be enough for 200 km. Additionally, the Ranger also gets features like LED lighting, Bluetooth compatibility, phone charging, reverse and even cruise control.

Hello S1


Perhaps one of the most talked about EVs right now, the Ola S1 Pro also makes the list. It is priced at Rs 1,29,999 (ex-showroom Bengaluru) and can be booked through Ola Electric official website only. That being said, the booking portal is only accessible once a month or two, so the waiting period is quite long.

The Ola S1 Pro is powered by a 3.97 kWh battery that offers a range of 181 km (ARAI). In terms of features, the Ola S1 Pro is equally loaded like its foes. You get LED light proximity lock/unlock, remote start lock, call alert, message alert, infotainment, side stand alert, anti-theft alert, geolocation, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more.

Hero Electric NYX HX (dual battery)


The Hero Electric NYX HX has been on sale for quite some time now and it sells for Rs 67,540 (ex Delhi showroom). It has a very family-friendly design and looks like the NYX HX also has quite a lot of storage space.

Hero has fitted the NYX HX with a dual 1.5kWh battery and claims it has enough charge for 165km. Its list of features is quite basic but functional. You get LED lights, regenerative braking, a phone charging slot and a folding rear seat.

Okinawa iPraise+


Finally, the Okinawa iPraise Plus is also on the list. It gets quite sporty bodywork and has a youthful appeal. The asking price is set at Rs 1.5 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) and the iPraise+ packs around 160km of range.

The electronics suite consists of LED front and rear light, gas suspension, fully digital LCD console and smartphone connectivity. You can purchase the Okinawa iPraise+ from the company’s official website.

RV400 Revolt


Next, in the electric scooter mix, the Revolt RV400 electric motorcycle makes a good variation. It is priced at Rs 1.24 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) and is the only offering in the bike maker’s current portfolio. Revolt powered the RV400 with a 3.24kWh swappable lithium-ion battery that offers 156km of claimed range.

Feature-wise, you get an all-LCD dashboard and 4G connectivity. Plus, it also comes with Bluetooth connectivity to pair your smartphone and access details like trip history, battery status, range, and nearest swap station.