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Back to the days of miami vice-era excess, life sometimes imitated art. Take the case of an enthusiast who found a Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer Coupé that he had to have. After acquiring Andy Cohen’s rare chicken-tooth two-door from Beverly Hills Motoring, he embarked on a road trip to Las Vegas and soon got pulled over for speeding – no surprise , given the coupe’s highway-burning 6.0-liter V. -8. In any other decade, a speeding violation could have been the end of the story. But in the sordid spirit of the 80s, illicit substances were discovered during the arraignment and the man in question ended up behind bars, with the Hammer hot rod seized by the DEA. The car was then sold at a government auction to former Major League Baseball player Rob Deer, and swapped hands several times before landing in the hands of the current seller.

Untrained eyes might mistake this particular Benz for an unremarkable 300 CE, a fine but unremarkable car that can be easily found on the used market. But the so-called pre-merger AMG models, and in particular the legendary Hammer iterations, have become holy grails for Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts. AMG, before being acquired by Mercedes-Benz in 1999 and incorporated into the sprawling automaker’s portfolio, explored the outer limits of high-performance tuning through handcrafted engines and suspension components with a fanatical approach to tuning. workshop style. The hard work was revealed when you opened the hood, but these hopped-up models were otherwise hard to tell from the outside aside from the flashier wheels and subtle body mods. The crown jewel of AMG’s efforts was the Hammer, which saw around 30 examples worldwide and 13 sedans for the US market. Even rarer were the coupe iterations, of which about 5 exist; the only thing rarer is the Hammer wagon, which was built as a 1-on-1 car.

Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer Coupe

The MB market

This is the first time a real hammer has been available in the United States through a US auction site. “The Hammer Coupe epitomizes everything we try to do,” says Blakley Leonard, founder of MB Market, whose online auction house is welcome the sale. “There’s no better pre-merger AMG than a real Hammer,” he said. Robb Report. “It’s exactly the type of car that excites us the most.”


Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer Coupe from behind.

The MB market

This Hammer wears vintage 17-inch chrome one-piece wheels and vintage tires that will need to be replaced with modern rubber for added safety. The coupe rides on AMG-branded springs and dampers, AMG bumpers, skirts and spoiler, plus iconic ’80s bits like a Sony stereo with CD changer and leather seat covers of sheep. With 19,417 clicks on the odometer, the Hammer has plenty of miles ahead of it for those interested in ’80s-style motoring. But the buyer will have to be prepared to spend a pretty penny on the purchase. : With nearly a week left in the auction and current bids at $303,000, these ultra-rare AMGs have proven that desire only grows with age. And another word of warning: if you get overly excited about your new purchase on the highway, just be careful what you’re carrying in the trunk.

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The MB market