Blackburn Funeral Directors are selling a historic hearse

A funeral car that was used to transport more than 1,500 people to their final resting place is for sale.

Blackburn-based Iqbal Funeral and Memorial Services acquired the Mercedes Benz hearse in 2005 and said it was selling it because it was more cost effective to hire vehicles as and when needed.

Rashid Iqbal, 66, who has run the business since its inception in 1989, said: “We have found that limos are much easier to hire and there are also maintenance and parking issues. .

“It’s in good working order and I tend to drive it out on Sundays to make sure it stays that way. I guess some people take their motorbikes out on Sundays – I take a hearse!

“It has only 51,000 miles and is in great condition. It has served us very well during the time we have had it.

“The mileage is so low because we only tend to go from here to the cemetery.

“I guess there are many other uses for cars like this and people can get quite creative. I’ve heard of people converting these vehicles into motorhomes and even delivery vehicles.

“I think it would also be a great addition to someone’s collection. They always go for a decent amount for this type of cars, especially those that have been well maintained.

The Mercedes Benz 2-litre hearse has a selling price of £3,500.

Rashid runs the funeral home, based in St Peter Street with his sons Zubair, 33, and Ali, 27. Rashid established the first official funeral services in the city for the Muslim community.

The company now serves people from all over the Northwest and from all cultures and walks of life. It houses a special memorial exhibit hall at their central location.


The firm was named ‘Memorial Service of the Year 2021/2022 at the Prestige Awards.

Mr. Iqbal added: “The tombstone display room has been a great addition over the years.

“All the work we do is repaired by Ali and his highly trained staff. We manufacture the memorials and engrave them on our premises. We repair the headstones and memorials ourselves.