Cagiva will be reborn as an electric motorcycle brand by 2021

Cagiva started making gasoline motorcycles in 1978. Famous for her achievements in motorsport and of course the sportswoman Mito has many fans all over the world. However, the company has gone through various ownership and restructuring, and the last motorcycle was launched in 2012 under the ownership of MV Agusta.

The electric Cagiva

Sources say MV Agusta is bringing Cagiva back to build electric motorcycles. Therefore, this plan aims to increase its sales target from around 3,000 units to 25,000 units.

Thanks to this plan, Cagiva will be reborn as an “electric urban mobility†brand by 2021. The new Cagiva will manufacture electric motorcycles for city driving. While the plan also includes pushing MV Agusta to enter the electric motorcycle market according to CEO Timur Sardarov.

As quoted by Riders Drivemag, “Cagiva production will resume next year, no later than early 2021, and will be dedicated to electric urban mobility,” Sardarov told Motociclismo.

“But we won’t make scooters, they will be motorcycles. Easy to drive and below 4kW, because at the moment no one who produces above this threshold can generate profits. In 6 or 7 years, it will probably be possible to achieve the benefit with vehicles equivalent to 350cc, â€added Sardarov.

In terms of product design and specification, we can’t wait to see what MV Agusta has to offer. With their recent announcements on their latest product line and their partnership with Chinese automaker Loncin. MV Agusta will undoubtedly embark on its game in the years to come.



Previously, under Loncin’s premium line, VOGE, Loncin unveiled the VOGE ER 10 at EICMA 2019 in Milan. The ER10 is an electric motorbike that can be used on the motorway for use in the city. Could the new Cagiva look like the ER10? We will wait and see what MV Agusta deploys in the years to come!