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Electricity may be the future of transport, but only if the price is right, reads a report at Vernon Municipal Council.

When city council meets on Monday afternoon, part of the agenda will include approving the budget for two electric trucks.

Currently, the city’s EV fleet includes a full-size service van, four cars, a UTV and six e-bikes.

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“Electric pickups were not added to the fleet due to lack of availability,” reads the report, which adds that a local Ford dealer has informed the city that it may be possible to purchase a pair of Fords. Lightnings (the electric versions of the F150).

The report notes, however, that due to the limited supply, the city should commit to buying them, although there is no guarantee when they will arrive.

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Each Ford Lightning is reportedly priced at $75,000, with an additional $5,000 needed for lights and decals.

“As the delivery times are vague, the vehicles, if received, would be added to the fleet, replacing the next suitable gasoline-powered vans scheduled for replacement,” the report read.

“At a purchase price of $75,000, it will take approximately 8-10 years to recoup the cost difference of the electric pickup versus the equivalent gas alternative.”


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The report also says the dealership expects a price increase later this year.

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“If the city commits to the purchase immediately, there is a chance, although no assurance, that the current price will be honored,” the report read.

“If a further price increase occurs, purchasing these vehicles no longer makes financial sense, and the administration recommends that the city not proceed with the purchase until that investment and operating costs make solid fiscal sense.”

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The report also discussed the city’s vehicle fleet budget of $1,310,000 – which includes a balance of $133,777. Purchasing the two trucks for $150,000, with an additional $10,000 needed for these extras, would create a shortfall of $26,233.


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“In short, the availability of electric trucks is unpredictable, with long lead times and little wiggle room in purchase price negotiations,” the report reads.

“The administration is not recommending the purchase of electric trucks, at higher prices, until supply increases, availability is assured and the acquisition is in the best interest of the taxpayer.”

However, if the price remains at $75,000 per truck, the report says the board should clear approval for the purchase of the two electric trucks.

The report can be accessible online.


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