Colorado ‘state parks’ pass price slashed 65%, added to vehicle registration

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission on Wednesday approved a price of $29 for the Keep Colorado Wild state parks pass, officials from Gov. Jared Polis’ office said.

The price is less than half that of the current state park annual pass of $84 per year, officials said. The new pass will be included when a person registers a passenger car, light truck, motorcycle and recreational vehicle. Vehicle holders will have the option of refusing the pass. The pass allows unlimited visits to Colorado state parks for a full year.

The pass is part of the governor’s plan to save people money and find a sustainable increase in funding for the state’s natural resource conservation, officials said.

“I’m thrilled the Keep Colorado Wild Pass will help save even more money in Colorados and help people experience our world-class state park system and great outdoors,” Polis said in a statement. and changing public lands from $84 per year to just $29 per year for unlimited access will save families and individuals money and help maintain our valuable parks and public lands. »

According to officials, those who purchase the pass are investing in park maintenance, search and rescue programs, avalanche awareness, wildlife conservation, and education and equity programs.

“When you live in Colorado, a love of the outdoors becomes inevitable; it’s a part of who we are. Natural beauty surrounds us, and spending time in nature enriches all of our lives,” said Dan Prenzlow, director of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “So whether you plan to visit our state parks or not, your purchase of the Keep Colorado Wild Pass is a simple and generous way to show that you care about our outdoors, wildlife, lands, and people. waters that make Colorado’s heart beat – and support those who run it.”

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