Delfast relaunches the Dnepr motorcycle brand

Photo: Delfast

We have another contender for the title of Ultimate Zombie Brand. After withering in the post-Soviet era, the Dnieper brand was revived. However, the revived society will be very different from the previous iteration.

Founded in post-WWII Ukraine, Dnieper was one of several Communist factories that built design adaptations of the BMW R71. The Germans and Russians used the R71 design during WWII, with a sidecar attached to the motorcycle for utility purposes (making it much easier to carry a light machine gun and a few belted ammunition crates of this way !). After WWII, the Soviets continued to produce the design, through factories in the Urals and Dnieper, and also gave the design to China, which used it to build the similar CJ750.

The new Dnepr is nothing like these bikes. It is an electric motorcycle, designed to handle speed races on land at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Obviously, it’s not an app aimed at consumers, but the accompanying press release reveals that it was Ukrainian e-bike maker Delfast that bought the brand. Does that mean we’ll see Dnepr come back as a budget battery bike brand? That would be very cool, if so!

We’ll probably know more about the Dnieper’s efforts in the salt marshes in a few days. Ukrainian runner Serhiy Malik rides his bike in Bonneville; it’s already rode in 2017 and 2018. That’s about all we know about this project at this point, though.

dnepr-delfast-electric-motorcycle-1 Ready to handle the salt marshes again. Photo: Delfast

Press release:

Delfast and DNEPR relaunch the legendary bike to break a speed record at Bonneville

Utah, United States (Aug 9, 2021) – Delfast co-creates the first prototype of the Delfast-Dnepr electric motorcycle. The new model participates in Bonneville Speed ​​Week 2021 to set a new speed record in the Omega “A” motorcycle category.

The Delfast-Dnepr electric motorcycle has been specially made for racing in partnership with the famous Ukrainian motorcycle manufacturer Dnepr. The model is based on the legendary Dnepr Electric motorcycle which set a record at Bonneville Speed ​​Week in 2018 with a speed of 104.78 mph. The new bike has been significantly improved to provide more power and greater range.

The rights to the DNEPR brand, including technological developments, design documentation, intellectual property for existing developments and the design of the iconic motorcycle model, belong to Delfast.

The author, ideologue and creator of the motorcycle is Serhiy Malik, a Ukrainian racer and motorcycle rider at this year’s competitions in Bonneville. He is also multiple champion at Bonneville Salt Flats in 2017 and 2018.


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