Effective Business and Trade Development is more than a lecture, by Ejike E Okpa

Nigerian economy firs-ad-2-1

Trade and investment conferences have been organized in Africa and the Caribbean to foster better cooperation between Africans on the continent and its distant descendants. At the end, one wonders where is the impact?

None of the Caribbean nations have the depth of an economy to ignite what will trigger Africa. These are flashes on the pan.


They are over-dependent independent nations that lack strong legislation to curb and cut off the vultures that hunt them as they rely on the generosity of foreign interests. Why current conditions persist.

From the late 80s to the early 90s, various US cities and government agencies had no restrictions when buying certain things.

It wasn’t until the “Buy America” ​​legislation was passed that domestic purchases of American products were triggered, and they even added a percentage of content to qualify as Made in America.

For example, the Addison Police Department used Volvo cars and BMW motorcycles, but once the legislation took effect, they were all American automobiles.

No public agency in the United States will use foreign-made automobiles.

The government is a big spender, they should channel this into locally made products.

When the Bush Presidential Library Dallas was built, it was required that the materials to be used could not come from more than 150 miles from Dallas.

This is what legislation does to promote business development.

In the case of Africa, Nigeria to be exact and many others, they have no legislation to restrict what they buy and from where.

Jamboree-style conferences where bureaucrats show up to look good with no good ideas, that’s why Africa and its descendants look like JJ-Cs.

My 2 cents.

Ejike E OKPA
Written from the United States