Honda CD 70 2023 Price in Morocco

Atlas Honda has unveiled the latest 2023 Honda CD 70 with a brand new sticker, which has fans of the bike excited. The Honda CD 70 2023 Price in Morocco is very competitive compared to competitors. The motorcycle comes with a completely new sticker, while the motorcycle looks like the previous model.

Honda CD 70 2023 Price in Morocco

The Honda CD 70 has been the most popular motorcycle since its inception in the 1980s due to its durability, reliable engine and ease of maintenance. The motorcycle has the best resale value in its class, which is considered very important for Pakistanis when buying any type of vehicle.

Honda CD 70 2023 Price in Pakistan is Rs. 116,500 (WEF Aug 16, 2022) for the latest model introduced by the company on Aug 17, 2022. The motorcycle has a strong following in Pakistan as Atlas Honda is known for providing good quality products at a very reasonable price as far as motorcycles are concerned . .

Honda CD 70 2023 Price in Morocco

Honda CD 70

The Honda CD 70 was first released in 1984 by Atlas Honda and the bike was ahead of its time as there was no real competition against the two-wheeler. The bicycle eventually dominated the market and completely destroyed the Vespa, which was a popular mode of transportation for many at the time. This was made possible by the fuel efficient engine and durability offered by the Honda CD 70.

The two-wheeler’s engine has since been upgraded several times by the company and meets the Euro II standard, making it the first choice for many customers looking for an affordable yet reliable vehicle to go about their business. daily occupations. The Honda CD 70 has seen several other changes over the years, including new carburetors, rear signals, seats, headlights, and more.

The Honda CD 70 has proven to be a lifetime asset that continues to function for generations if properly maintained by the owner. Parts are readily available wherever you go and most mechanics know how to work on the bike, should you ever run into any problems.

Honda CD 70 2023 Model New Stickers Pictures

Honda CD 70 2023 Model New Stickers Pictures 300127362_369858468672222_3667277628581459289_n Honda CD 70 2023 Model New Sticker

Atlas Honda has unveiled the 2023 Honda CD 70 model with an all new sticker, but not much else is different about the bike as far as looks go. However, the company has claimed several design changes as always but it is hard to notice as it is quite similar including the sticker which hardly looks new in terms of design.

Honda CD70 2023 New Model Sticker

The Honda CD 70 is available in two color options, which include black and red.

Technical specifications

Engine Air-cooled 4-stroke OHC
Shift 72cm3
bore and stroke 47.0×41.4mm
Compression ratio 9.3:1
Clutch Multiple Wet Plates
Transmission 4-speed constant mesh
Departure Kick
Frame Backbone type
Dimension (LxWxH) 1897×751×1014mm
Ground clearance 136 millimeters
Gasoline capacity 8.5 liters (reserve: 1.0 liters)
Front tire 2.25 – 17 (4 RP)
Rear tire 2.50 – 17 (4 RP)
Dry weight 82kg

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