Industry insider: UK government set to end sale of petrol motorcycles by 2035

In a recent movement against gasoline, the UK government has published an open consultation on its website end the sale of gas-powered motorcycles by 2035, with some getting the kick-off as early as 2030 – eight short years away.

This news follows Europe’s current trajectory to cut all emissions by 78% by the same year – and as you can imagine, the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) is not very happy about it.

In the objection submitted to the government, the MCIA continues to reason that our industry needs ‘more time’ to adjust to zero emissions obligations – and slapping an earlier end date is not the way to settle things.

A view of two motorcyclists enjoying a sunny urban scoot. Media from Cycle Canada.

“We have made a compelling case in our Journey to a Brighter Destination document for the continued support of high-capacity recreational motorcycling and why it should be treated as such in the consultation,” said Tony Campbell, the director general of the MCIA in a report by Visor down.

“Its minimal emissions, low mileage, significant contributions to the economy, sport, tourism and mental health benefits are all reasons why a fairer, progressive and more personalized approach is needed to phase out the new non-zero emissions motorcycles.”

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“This represents just 0.5% of UK inland transport emissions, this news is a missed opportunity to give industry more time to adapt and technology to catch up,” adds the MCIA.

“We recognize that our environmental contribution will increase as other modes of transport are phased out and therefore support the decision to phase out L1 vehicles by 2030,” Campbell finishes.

“However, we do not support the decision to include the L3e-A1, which, even with an ICE powertrain, is significantly more environmentally efficient than some electric cars.”

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Thanks to renewed EU efforts on the safety and cleanliness of our roadswe foresee a happy medium (read; more time) for the UK motorcycle industry to adapt in the years to come.

Here’s the UK government’s original open consultation, if you want to see it yourself.

What do you think? Drop a comment below to let us know what you think, and as always, stay safe on the bends.

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