Komaki Electric launches DT 3000 and LY electric scooters, price starts at Rs 88,000

Expanding its portfolio of electric scooters, Komaki Electric has launched two advanced models – DT 3000 and LY – priced at Rs 1.22 lakh and Rs 88,000, respectively. The DT 3000 comes with a single battery while the high-speed LY with anti-slip features, the company said in a statement. Komaki Electric launched its first Ranger battery-powered cruiser motorcycle and Venice electric scooter in January this year. The introduction of the two new electric scooter models has expanded the company’s product portfolio to eight models, including four for this year alone, Komaki said.

The launch of these vehicles also reflects the company’s commitment to aggressive R&D activities, production capacity and rapid response to ever-changing market demands, he said. “After receiving an overwhelming response from customers, we are inspired to be back with two new electric vehicles, the DT 3000 with its unique battery and the LY with anti-slip features,” said Gunjan Malhotra, Director of Komaki’s electrical division.

Powered by a heavy-duty 3000 watt BLDC motor with the patented advanced 62V 52AH lithium battery, the DT 3000 comes with a top speed of 80km/hour and can travel 180-220km on a single charge. Likewise, LY will be the country’s first electric scooter for the economy segment of drivers to have a non-slip function, which will set the benchmark in the electric vehicle industry, Komaki said in the statement.

Powered by a lithium ferro-phosphate battery, the high-speed LY offers a mileage of 80-90 km on a single charge, the company said. “Our next-generation electric vehicles are widely recognized in the market for their high performance, low maintenance and long lifespan, among others. Additionally, with dozens of cutting-edge features and affordable pricing, Komaki offers excellent value for money to customers,” added Malhotra.

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