New energy motorcycle replacement program with 170 initial applications

Some 170 requests have been received by the authorities for a financial support plan for owners of traditional fossil fuel motorcycles who decide to replace them with new electric motorcycles.

Under the plan of the Environmental Protection Fund and the Bureau of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection (DSPA), some 3,500 MOP are directly provided for each motorcycle handed over for disposal and replaced by a new registered electric motorcycle.

Coupled with the tax exemptions for the new electric vehicle, the maximum amount of financial aid to be granted and exemption costs is a total of MOP 8,800.

“The DSPA and the Fund are speeding up the processing of applications as well as their review and approval. Some applicants have already been notified that the grant of financial assistance has been approved and have scheduled the delivery of obsolete motorcycles to be scrapped at the designated location,” DSPA noted.

The first 27 motorcycles included in the program will be handed over to the DSPA from today at a special collection point located at the intersection between Avenida 1.º de Maio and Avenida da Ponte da Amizade, in side of the Macau Peninsula sewage treatment plant.

After the delivery of the vehicle, the applicant must also submit an application for registration of the new electric motorcycle, purchased to replace the obsolete motorcycle, to the Traffic Affairs Bureau within 165 days of receiving notification from the granting of financial assistance.

In turn, the DSPA, within 60 days of confirming the conclusion of the aforementioned vehicle scrapping and replacement procedure, will allocate the financial support to the beneficiary.

The period of application of the scheme runs from March 1 to December 31 this year, covering vehicles registered until June 30, 2009.