Should you buy the new Suzuki GR150 motorcycle? – Business

I took a tour with the newly launched 150cc motorcycle from Pak Suzuki, and here is what I found out.

After a long reign of the local automotive segment in Pakistan, Pak Suzuki made the bold decision to introduce the GS150 – the first 150cc mainstream motorcycle in Pakistan – in 2005.

Since then, these 150cc motorcycles have received a lot of attention in the two-wheeler segment in Pakistan. So much so that over the past couple of years well-known and little-known brands such as Atlas Honda, Road Prince, Benelli and Derbi have all launched their own variants of 150cc motorcycles, keeping the needs of Pakistani consumers in mind. .

While the GS150 remains the most popular 150cc motorcycle in Pakistan, Pak Suzuki has entered the market again with the GR150: another motorcycle in the same segment, but with some new features and an improved look.

The company is currently offering free trials for this bike, so last Sunday I went to my nearest Pak Suzuki dealership to test it for myself.

Style and ergonomics

Let’s talk about my first impression of the bike. At a glance, the GR150 is a serious upgrade in terms of looks and style over the GS150. I already own a GS150, so it’s obvious that its overall profile is noticeably clean when you first look at it.

In fact, it looks more like the GD110S than the GS150. When I first saw the pictures online, I thought Pak Suzuki had revised the GD110S again.

Front, the bike does not give an aggressive look. He looks quite sophisticated and smart which can be good or bad depending on your personal preferences.

In back of the bike, however, there are no built-in turn signals or indicators. The tail light also looks relatively straightforward compared to what Suzuki offers in India with the GS150R. Non-LED and non-integrated turn signals make the bike a bit boring in the back.

The body doesn’t have a fake fuel tank, which is usually added to make bikes look bigger than they actually are.

Color: The whole frame is painted black, including the engine and rims. In my opinion, that’s a big no, especially in dusty environments. The black color would make it extremely difficult to clean the bike.

Fuel gauge and speedometer are a welcome change to the otherwise fairly standard instrument cluster that is still not digital, which is what you would expect from a bike in 2018.

Handling and performance

Engine performance: As the name suggests, the GR150 is powered by a 150cc air-cooled engine mated to a 5-speed gearbox that transfers power to the rear wheel via a chain.

Although I was not allowed to ride the bike at high speed during the test run, I was impressed with the acceleration even with another passenger with me. There was no vibration and the overall ride was very smooth.

Cut: Although it weighs around 20kg more than the GS150, the bike was lighter when I sat on it and took it out for a ride.

Driving experience: The saddle is not as wide as on the GS150, but the riding position is straight. The overall driving experience is quite comfortable.

The not-so-wide handlebars make it easier to handle and maneuver the bike on congested roads.

Gears: The gear diagram is shown with the first gear at the bottom, followed by neutral, first, second, third, fourth, and fifth up. Since owning the GS150 I’m not comfortable with this speed model, but it’s like that in the rest of the world and with most sports bikes.

Suspension: I like the overall feel of the suspension and have no complaints about it. In fact, I deliberately put the bike on rough roads, potholes and sand during the test and it glided over all of them without a hitch.

Braking: If we are talking about the braking system of the GR150, it is equipped with a disc brake setup in the front and a drum brake setup in the rear. The two work exceptionally well in combination, even when you have a passenger on board.


The GR150 is without a doubt a solid upgrade with fantastic ride quality, great suspension, good braking setup and balanced overall outlook. From a purely product standpoint, you can’t go wrong.

However, the bike is currently priced at Rs219,000 which is high for a Completely Knocked Down (CKD) unit when you compare it to the market. So if you have the cash to spend on a 150cc motorcycle, the Suzuki GR150 is worth a look.

This content was produced independently by The Writer and Pak Suzuki paid for the association with the content.