Sudarshan Venu appointed general manager of TVS Motor Company

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – Business Wire India TVS Motor Company, a well-known manufacturer of two-wheelers and three-wheelers in the world, today announced at its Board Meeting the appointment of Sudarshan Venu to the position of general manager of the company, effective today.

Sudarshan charted the future of one of India’s leading two-wheeler manufacturers and made it the most awarded two-wheeler company. He has played a pivotal role in the company’s growth in India and in major international markets including Asia, Africa and more recently Europe.

Professor Sir Ralf Dieter Speth, Chairman of TVS Motor Company, said: “Sudarshan has a clear vision and brings with him both a tremendous passion for cutting-edge technology and sustainable growth, deeply rooted in his values. He thinks forward-looking, staying one step ahead of emerging trends. Personal and smart mobility, including electrification, are two of his main areas of interest. He also led the international growth of TVS Motor. He has the ability to lead high performing teams internationally with empathy. He takes care of people and society. I am sure that with his leadership, the company will become stronger and more future-oriented. Mr. Venu Srinivasan, Chairman Emeritus of TVS Motor Company, said, “Sudarshan’s extraordinary efforts have resulted in key decisions to develop ambitious products and expand rapidly in India and abroad. He also led certain key acquisitions and the expansion of group companies. We are confident that under his leadership, TVS Motor will grow into a major global mobility player. Mr. Sudarshan Venu, General Manager of TVS Motor Company, said, “I am very grateful for this special opportunity and very excited for the future. With the continued guidance of my father and Sir Ralf and the support of the board and team, I look forward to further embracing the future of mobility. It’s an exciting time for the industry globally, and I’m passionate about being at the forefront of that. About TVS Motor Company TVS Motor Company is a world-renowned two- and three-wheeler manufacturer, championing progress through mobility with an emphasis on durability. Rooted in our 100-year heritage of trust, value, and passion for customers and accuracy, we pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality, internationally aspirational products through innovative and sustainable processes. We are the only two-wheeler company to have received the prestigious Deming Award. Our products have been leading their respective categories in the JD Power IQS and APEAL surveys for five years. We’ve been ranked the #1 company in JD Power’s Customer Service Satisfaction Survey for four consecutive years. Our group company, UK-based Norton Motorcycles, is one of the most emotive motorcycle brands in the world. Our subsidiaries in the field of personal electric mobility, Swiss E-Mobility Group (SEMG) and EGO Movement, occupy a leading position in the e-bike market in Switzerland. TVS Motor Company strives to provide the most superior customer experience in the 80 countries in which we operate. For more information, please visit To view the image, click on the link below: Sudarshan Venu, Co-General Manager of TVS Motor Company PWR PWR

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