The Sun Joe leaf blower is for sale on Amazon

As much as we love fall foliage, no one likes to clean up afterwards — and if you’ve got a ton of outdoor space, you’ll be spending plenty of weekends picking up leaves from your patio and sidewalk. Lucky for you, the leaf blower who over 23,000 Amazon reviews swear by is on sale for just $18. The Sun Joe 6 Amp 155 MPH Electric Leaf Blower is far from a basic leaf blower: it’s also great for gutters, garages and even for drying bikes and motorbikes after a wash. It’s lightweight – just under 4 pounds – and takes up minimal valuable space. It even has a removable chute for easy storage.

Reviewers with back and wrist pain swear by it.

“This little blower is fantastic! It’s powerful but weighs next to nothing.” a satisfied user shares. Putting up with the cord is worth it so you can blow away leaves and snow with little or no back pain!”

Available in four colors, this portable leaf blower is perfect for smaller jobs. (Photo: Amazon)

Another added: “Using larger fans still hurts my wrist after holding it on for so long, but this nifty and lightweight one is so easy and light to use. I had no issues using it for a longer long period. Although it is lightweight, it still does the job!”

Don’t be fooled by its size, though: it’s still powerful. It generates up to 155 mph of air using a 6 amp motor. It’s the perfect size for jobs you don’t want to take out your heavy-duty leaf blower for.

“Small but mighty!” says a reviewer who gave it five stars. “I bought the little fan to use on my patio – moving everything around to sweep was tedious. For $20 it’s legit! It has more power than I expected/needed to clean my space !”

It’s even — dare we say it? — quite amusing. Shares a buyer: “I cleaned the back deck in minutes, now I just take my little blower out looking for things to clean!”

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