Abbie Chatfield is rumored to be launching her own fashion label, Verbose the Label

Abbie Chatfield has teased fans with a series of provocative snaps – now one fan thinks she’s cracked the code, and it’s very convincing.

Abbie Chatfield has dropped some cryptic clues about her exciting new venture – and a fan has apparently cracked the code.

the old Bachelor The outspoken contestant-turned-influencer, podcaster and radio host teased her 396,000 followers with a series of colorful photos, many of which show her “grabbing her chest”.

The racy and mysterious shots have many wondering, “What’s going on?”

While Abbie is keeping a low profile in the images, which show a range of ‘ribbed’ fabrics on different body types, one woman has shared her compelling theory online.

The Two Broke Chicks TikTok account, run by friends Alex Hourigan and Sally McMullen, shared a video on Monday claiming that Ambassador Myer, 26, is set to launch her own clothing line called Verbose the Label.

“Abbie Chatfield is 100% about to launch her own fashion label. This is how we know,” begins the video, hosted by Alex.

The clip goes on to explain that Abbie had posted a number of images of “brightly colored” clothing on her Instagram along with posts explaining the definition of the word wordy.

Alex also noted that Abbie tagged a newly created Instagram page titled Verbose the Label in one of her posts.

When Alex took a close look at who the fashion brand was following, she made a telling discovery.

“The brand follows one person, and that person is Abbie Chatfield herself, so the Queen is about to launch clothes and that’s where all my money will go.”

Many TikTok users were quick to accept Alex’s theory, saying they had “crossed their fingers it’s true”.

“Please keep it true,” one wrote, while another said, “Can’t wait!!!!”

“Fingers crossed it’s an inclusive size range!” another added.

While one said: “And we all know we’re going to be broke.”

Just hours after the fan theory surfaced online, Abbie was spotted in a secret photoshoot wearing brightly colored clothes similar to those seen on her social media.

In the blink of an eye, Abbie can be seen wearing mustard yellow bike shorts and a matching crop top.

In another, she was pictured in a blue two-piece ensemble, her blonde hair styled in voluminous waves.

Abbie has yet to confirm if the rumors about her clothing brand are true, but she’s had huge success with several fashion and beauty launches she’s done in collaboration with other brands – so it makes sense let her venture alone.

In January, she launched a line of swimwear for busty women with swimwear brand RAQ.

She also had a sold-out collaboration with lingerie store Souszy and created a vibrator with sex toy brand Vush.

More recently, she took her popular radio show on tour, hosting the first A hot night with Abbie Chatfield at the Opera on Saturday to rave reviews.

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