Florida Keys man staged bogus motorcycle sale, cops say


Montie Mont

In August 2017, Montie Mount of Key Largo arguably pleaded three counts of theft for, among other scams, organizing a bogus sale of motorcycles where he took $ 1,200 from a man but did not have the intention to deliver the bike.

A judge sentenced Montie Mount, 66, to two years of house arrest followed by five years of probation in September of that year, but it appears he has not learned his lesson.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office detectives said he agreed to sell a man a trailer and two motorcycles in February for $ 2,000. Much like the previous case, he told the man the bikes and trailer would be delivered from Colorado, Detective Edward Askins wrote in his March 21 arrest report.

Detectives interviewed Mount earlier this week, and he agreed to speak to them without a lawyer, Askins wrote.

“Mount admitted that the sale was fictitious and that he made it all up,†Askins said. “There were never any items to sell. Mount had intentionally planned to swindle the victim from the start.

Mount told the victim that the man who was supposed to deliver the trailer and the motorcycles died en route to the Keys, according to the report.

Cops arrested Mount on a charge of theft from a person 65 or older. He is being held in the county jail on $ 5,000 bond.

This story was originally published March 22, 2019 6:21 pm.