Techron Fuel Line Cleaner is for sale on Amazon

Apologies if this story reaches you a little late – too late to avoid that stall you had on your family trip; too late to save you countless dollars because your car wasn’t getting the fuel economy it should be; too late to avoid that four figure repair/maintenance bill you received from your mechanic. But better late than never, huh? In the future, be aware that pouring a bottle of Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner once in a while can make your car’s engine run smoother and more efficient, extending its life and putting money in your pocket.

Excuse the anatomical metaphor, but Techron is like a combination colonic supplement and vitamins for your car’s fuel system. It unclogs injectors, flushes and freshens your carburetor innards, and keeps your intake valves and combustion chambers running smoothly. The results? Improved morning starting, increased engine power and gas mileage, smoother idling and cleaner emissions, to name a few.

It does this by removing and preventing the build-up of dirt and carbon deposits on these essential parts of your car (or boat or motorcycle) engine. Cleaner means a more efficient, smoother, healthier and smarter ride.

Are low gas mileage, slow starting and rough idling keeping you distracted? It’s time to flush the fuel line. (Photo: Amazon)

It’s too good to be true? More than 10,000 five-star Amazon reviews disagree.

“I’ve put it in ALL my vehicles and boats for over 30 years now,” said that engine whisperer. “Generally one treatment every six months or so, more if a lot of use… Improves acceleration, improves idle, quieter engine, etc. It may be my imagination, but I think the engines really love a ‘shot’ of that stuff!!! Seriously, next to frequent synthetic-only oil changes, this is the best thing you can add to your vehicles to keep them ‘happy’!”

This guyis all excited about Techron too: “I’ve got a 2010 Toyota Prius that’s done over 200,000 miles, I can feel the difference in ride for sure; it’s gotten a lot smoother, and even the mileage has gone up by 4-5 miles per gallon. Amazing product, easy to use.”

“I bought this to see if I would get some extra mileage out of my 2021 GMC Canyon,” bound another delighted driver. “I was getting around 18-19 MPG, but now after about two to three weeks of use I’m getting 20-21. No wonder, but for the price that’s a lot.”

If you have Amazon Premier, you will of course benefit from free delivery. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for your 30 day free trial here. (And by the way, those who don’t have one Prime always get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

The reviews quoted above reflect the most current versions at the time of publication.

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