Franklin Motorcycle Company Wins Three Kawasaki Awards


Craig Brown, principal of the MR Motorcycle dealership, said the combination of the people and the product they sell is why the company is so successful.

A Franklin motorcycle company was recognized for its efforts in selling Kawasaki branded products.

MR Motorcycles, which has been operating in Pukekohe since 1990, received an award for being the number one dealer for Kawasaki sales.

This is the 15th time the company has received this award, and MR Motorcycles dealer Craig Brown said the company takes pride in being at the top of the kawasaki market.


The MR Motorcycles team is proud of their accomplishments.

“[It is nice] knowing that we are still very active and that we are still up there, we are still doing our fair share in the market 15 years later. To keep that enthusiasm and dynamism going, you need a very, very good team around (you). It’s not just me individually, it’s the team we have here. “

Out of 42 other Kawasaki dealers nationwide, MR Motorcycles also won the # 1 off-road and motocross bike sales award and # 1 ATV / Mule / UTV / two-wheeler agricultural sales award for 2016.

“It’s not just about sales, it’s about aftermarket, service and what we provide to our customers,†said Brown.

“Customers keep coming back, they are happy with what we do and the product – the product has to be top notch too.”

Brown said he believes the Kawasaki Mule Pro series, which was introduced to the market last year, has helped the business grow “considerablyâ€.

“We have had huge success with this model (the Kawasaki Mule Pro).”

Brown also said that the attitude of the team at MR Motorcycle is a testament to their accomplishments.

“We eat, sleep, breathe motorcycles. If we don’t sell them here during the week, we drive them on the weekends.

“You are only as good as the staff you have and the product you are selling, so if you get this recipe right, it is a recipe for success.”