GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises develops shady activities at all levels

As gas prices soar and authorities scrutinize which factions profit from them, businesses expand and new missions come to GTA Online.

Grand Theft Auto Online can be topical at times. It’s always been a decent parody of city life and the criminal underworld. However, the latest content expansion might be one of the most on the nose yet. Rockstar has announced GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises, in which players will help authorities investigate an oil company. If that’s not your thing, you can still participate in expanding criminal activity throughout the game.

Rockstar revealed The Criminal Enterprises content expansion for GTA Online on July 21, 2022. Rolling out to all platforms on July 26, 2022, The Criminal Enterprises brings a wide range of new content. Gas prices are also high in San Andreas and the government authority, the IAA, is seeking to investigate the Duggan petrochemical empire to see if it is unfairly profiting from the spike. New story missions are coming to the game for one to four players where you’ll team up with the IAA to investigate Duggan’s dirty business.

That’s not all. Many criminal paths get expansions in The Criminal Enterprises. Executives, Gun Runners, Motorcycle Clubs, and Nightclub Owners will see new features added to their respective businesses, including new characters, features, missions, and various other updates. Whatever illicit activity you’re working in, it’s about to gain momentum in GTA Online.

Nightclub owners, gun racers, executives and motorcycle club racers make careers in The Criminal Enterprises.
Source: Rockstar Games

Many other content updates and additions are also on the way, including new vehicles and better payouts for activities in Grand Theft Auto Online. With GTA5 and GTA Online recently arriving on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, The Criminal Enterprises content expansion should be a solid new chapter for new underground entrepreneurs and seasoned criminal bosses alike. Stay tuned as new content launches on July 26.