illegal sale of alcohol SEXI News

In such a situation, a video of Amarpura village under the excise police station was highlighted. In which an elderly person is seen selling alcohol from his house. On the other hand, in a video from the village of Anandgarh, it was seen that alcohol was being sold illegally in the grocery store. The younger generation is also trapped in this illegal alcohol trade. 3 shops are licensed in Khajuwala Excise Police Station area. Along with this, 3-4 godowns are also approved but hundreds of branches are operating under the guise of these approved stores all over Khajuwala region.

action of this year
Since January 1, 51 cases have been registered at the Khajuwala police station. In which 1409 country liquor cobblestones were fished. At the same time, 14 bottles of English alcohol, 206 liters of handcuffs, 3700 liters of Lahan were destroyed. In addition, six motorcycles were seized.

staff of only four
A PO comprising three Constables is stationed at the Khajuwala Excise Police Station. This reduces the action on the pitch. At the same time, the CO circle police area comes under the Khajuwala excise police station area. It includes the regions of Chhatargarh, Dantour, Khajuwala and Poogal. From Kharbara to Ravwala and from Jalwali village to the Indo-Pakistan border, the Excise Police Station area comes. There is only a staff of four for this.

they sayAppropriate action will be taken with immediate effect upon receipt of information of illegal sale of alcohol in the Khajuwala area.

Omprakash, PO, Khajuwala Excise Police.