Now motorbikes are part of Delhi government bus lane control vehicles

Motorbikes were first inducted into the Delhi government’s bus lane enforcement on Tuesday, with Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal saying they will be able to pass on narrow roads, something Innova cars could not.

Kejriwal reported 66 police vehicles on Tuesday, including 36 motorcycles and 30 Innova cars. He reported them with 50 CNG low-floor cluster buses.

For the first time, motorcycles are inducted. These vehicles would be used primarily for lane control. In the past, we have observed that it is difficult for an Innova to pass through narrow roads for law enforcement. Motorcycles will solve this problem and ensure that traffic rules are enforced effectively,” he said.

The government started enforcement of the lanes in April and received positive results from the decision, the CM said.

“People have now become accustomed to driving in their lanes and they are following the rule by themselves. We are not far off when Delhi’s transport system would be better than any city in a country. developed,” he added.

Fitted with a siren/public address system, these enforcement vehicles will be stationed throughout the day on major sections like Ring Road and a few other sections are part of Phase 1, to raise awareness not to disrupt bus movement .

With this addition, the total number of control vehicles will be 120, including 84 four-wheelers and 36 two-wheelers.

Additionally, they will also remove and issue challans for encroachments and vehicles parked in bus lanes.

The two-wheelers will be deployed in 11 shifts/shifts for bus lane control on the inner and outer ring roads, while the remaining bikes will be deployed on six critical stretches in seven shifts and two shifts.

One Innova car will be deployed in each team with 84 teams using 84 four-wheeled vehicles. The new arrivals will be deployed on 15 critical sections identified by the department.

Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said the control vehicles will help keep bus lanes free of encroachment and parked vehicles.

“The 66 enforcement vehicles reported today will help keep the bus lane free of encroachments and parked vehicles throughout the city. This will help buses move faster, leading to better adherence to timetables and therefore to increased reliability to get to his home and office,” he said.

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