Planned launch, price, range of the Royal Enfield Electric Bullet bike

India’s most beloved bullet bike, ‘Royal Enfield’ is a subsidiary of Eicher Motors and an Indo-European manufacturer of two-wheelers whose vehicles are known for their class and status in society. Cycling is the dream of many of our young people from all walks of life. It is coming to the market soon with the most demanded type of segment. A Royal Enfield Electric Bike Many bike lovers were asking Royal Enfield to bring an electric bike for Royal Enfield lovers who want to ride an Eco bike but the Royal Enfield way.

Royal Enfield Holding Market

Royal Enfield already has a very strong market share in the heavy bike segment, which is around 40% or so. Anyone considering buying a good quality and budget bullet bike, their first choice is always Royal Enfield. Many of their customers have requested that a Royal Enfield-branded electric bullet bike be introduced. So they already have customers eagerly waiting for their e-bikes to hit the market.

Launch of the Royal Enfield electric bike


The most awaited electric bike in Bharat (India) will be in the market around the 2n/a half of 2025 or early 2026.

Royal Enfield electric bike motor capacity

The vehicle will have an engine capacity equal to 350cc to 650cc of their petrol bike models with strong torque and generate the same amount of power as before, but this bike will also be cost effective as the company takes into consideration a program governmental aiming to reduce the cost but not the quality so that many people can buy it.

Range of Royal Enfield e-bikes

Royal Enfield CEO said his electric vehicle will also be a comfortable long-range bike and will be very high in its competitive market, so we can expect the Royal Enfield Bullet bike to go up to 300km 500 km on a single charge.

Charging and battery

To provide long-distance driving, they also need a powerful battery, so it will be about 10 kWh. And will take about 8-10 hours to charge.


The CEO’s words on their Royal Enfield e-bike

Eicher MD Siddhartha Lal said: “Launching an electric motorcycle equivalent to a 350cc or 650cc would be a very expensive proposition. A ground-electric Royal Enfield will be launched when battery technology improves and costs come down. The product will be a Royal Enfield, and when we launch it it will be something good, so we have to take the time to build this product that meets all expectations. The idea of ​​building an electric motorcycle that is not just about convenience and cost reduction for the consumer, but also about building one that is fun to ride. And the instant torque of the electric can guarantee such a model.

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