RedMoto XEV will launch electric scooters and motorcycles

RedMoto XEV electric scooter and motorcycle

Chhattisgarh-based RedMoto XEV is set to launch 3 electric vehicles, two scooters and a motorcycle on May 21, 2021

Chhattisgarh-based startup RedMoto XEV is launching three new electric vehicles. The models will be available for sale from May 21, 2021. Using these eco-friendly vehicles will help control pollution and also help maintain an eco-friendly environment. These vehicles are designed to be launched in the automotive sector after high quality tests and the peculiarity is that their price will also be very economical, compared to other vehicles in the range.

Keeping in mind market trends and consumer needs, RedMoto XEV has focused on the design and appearance of its vehicle, and on keeping the retail price to a minimum. Charging involves the use of a few units of electricity. After testing to prescribed standards, consumers will be able to run the electric two-wheelers for approximately 1,000 km at a cost of $ 200.

R3X and R1X scooter, and R5X motorcycle

Founder and CEO Jitendra said the company is ready to sell its electric vehicles at an affordable price. They also depend on better product design. Electric two-wheelers qualify as affordable bikes and the company claims that the R5X motorcycle will be available at a price between 80k and 85k.

Electric scooters (R3X, R1X) will cost between 65,000 and 72,000. When recharged for 4 hours, the vehicles will have a range of 60 km. Low speed units have a 48V system, with optional Lithium or VRLA battery type. All electric vehicles (R3X, R1X, R5X) are ICAT tested in the low speed category.

redmoto-xev-electric-scooter-motorcycle-1-600x338-1 RedMoto R1X, R5X and R3X to launch in India next month

Starting RedMoto XEV EV

The Chhattisgarh-based startup will operate in India in due course. For this, the company is working on logistics to ensure large-scale operations. Preparations to sell these vehicles in other major cities in India are complete. This will allow the company to start sales in various cities within a few weeks.

While the company has 3 models to start operations, RedMoto XEV will launch a range of electric vehicles over time. Expenses for the maintenance of these vehicles, thanks to which there will be no additional burden on the pocket of consumers.

Current trends in the Indian automotive market are encouraging for electric two-wheeler start-ups. Considering that the opportunities are endless, more and more businesses are opening their doors. This goes hand in hand with the government’s commitment to making the business environment conducive to electric vehicle manufacturers.

In general, the strongest arguments focus on the cost of ownership and operation, and the reduction of emissions. RedMoto XEV is committed to achieving the same end goals, among other factors. The company claims that customers will not be overburdened with expenses bearing in mind the costs of maintenance.