The booming motorcycle rental business in southern Punjab


With the growing need for transportation among the masses, the motorcycle rental business is becoming popular, especially in the rural areas of southern Punjab.

A number of people have established motorcycle rental shops in almost every town and village in the region, while some citizens run this part-time.

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Khawaja Zafar, owner of a motorcycle rental shop in Multan, said he has been running the business for 12 years. He added that Rs25 per hour are charged to citizens, who rent a motorbike.

He said: “It’s a good deal and I am making a handsome amount of money.” He advised that the rental fee for the 125cc motorcycles is double the rent for the 70cc two-wheelers.

Regarding people’s needs for motorcycles, Zafar maintained that the use of bicycles was almost over and that a good number of people were taking advantage of the possibility of renting bicycles.

To a question, he said he provides motorcycles to citizens after checking their ID cards with the guarantee of anyone known on the spot.

Allah Dittah, a farmer and resident of Vehari, said he owns a motorbike which he uses for his household needs, but it also serves as a source of income.

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He added: “I take people from the village of Pipli to the bus stop or vice versa. I earn an average of Rs300 to Rs400 on a daily basis.

He pointed out that he was also renting a motorbike from other villagers.

Muhammad Khalid, another villager, said he had eight family members. “We have two motorcycles for household use but sometimes we have to rent a motorcycle in an emergency.” He also called the rental of motorcycles a good facility for the poor.

Posted in The Express Tribune, October 9e, 2017.