The Spanish brand of electric motorcycles OX goes retro with Pa…

The OX One is a motorcycle that is not unique in its intent, which is to create visuals that bring 1960s nostalgia, while giving the futuristic feel of instant electric torque.

The 11kW power output tells you it’s another 125cc electric equivalent, but its visuals certainly point to an era of – subjectively speaking – better looking two-wheelers.

Without a doubt, the era of bicycles from which the One draws its visual cues was, and is, aesthetically pleasing. But despite the changes since April of last year, when we asked “Is this the worst motorcycle ever made”, whether or not you like the look of the current gen One itself is a different question.

While it may draw inspiration from the past, its large block battery box (the motor sits in the rear wheel hub) that sits within the tubular frame is an aesthetic that could polarize. It’s different, a bit, and the 60s inspiration is clear despite that, but at the same time, it stands out a bit.

Technically speaking, the One’s 11 kW (14.8 horsepower) will allow it to reach a practical speed of 110 km/h, or 68 mph; its load will carry it for 100km; and once the battery is drained, you will need to complete five hours while it charges, during which the battery can be removed.

The “tank” is fake, of course, and provides storage space, and there’s a USB port for charging. On the front, the screen is LCD and you can connect the bike to the Elisa mobile application from OX, which on the one hand allows you to follow your riding statistics and on the other hand can detect when vehicles are close to your bike, notifying the driver via a vibration on one side of the handlebars (depending on the side of the vehicle).

The other cool thing about the OX One is that it’s not the only bike with this setup. OX’s Patagonia Adventure Bike is quite similar and features the same 11kW motor, but the tires and higher ride height mean this bike is built for the roughest terrain.

Compared to the One, the Patagonia has a wider wheelbase (+50 mm); a larger spoked front wheel (19 inches); a higher body height (+50 mm); an adjusted driving position so that the pilot is more upright; and longer travel suspension (+60 mm).

The Patagonia also comes with 14 liters of cargo capacity with the side panniers attached; tank pads; adventure tires; and a screen and grid to protect against rough terrain.

Pricing for the OX One starts at €5200, while you can book a Patagonia from €250.