The VW Scout is a brand revival too far | Axon Automotive Anorak

That seems odd, because VW has yet to offer any pickup models in the US, even its capable Amarok. Although it naturally already sells a number of different premium SUV passenger car models through its network of Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini and Bentley franchise dealerships, some as electric vehicles only.

IH built its newest Scout model on the 21st October 1980, just as the “civilian” SUV market was beginning to take off, and also after showing an attractive future Scout concept for the following 1981 model year at various late fall US auto shows. In the mid-1980s, IH focused solely on the production of diesel engines, heavy trucks, buses and agricultural vehicles. The company had fallen on hard times, caused in large part by damaging union relations, but not helped by the loss of the Scout.

In 1991, IH’s previous business divisions were broken up and sold off, with its main truck manufacturing arm being acquired by rival American truck manufacturer Navistar in 1995. Following a factory move from Chicago to Warrenville, Illinois, Navistar has taken a timid step into the large SUV market with its International MTX. The giant SUV pickup fell apart, not helped by the fact that it was far too big and unsuitable for export roads and tastes (especially here in Europe). Given the enormous size and importance of the ever-expanding SUV segment in the United States, rumors circulated in the early 21st Century of a revival of the IH Scout model, but it never materialized.