This top-notch portable tire inflator is on sale on Amazon for a deep discount

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That you are drive a car or getting your bike ready for spring, discovering a flat tire can put a big damper on your day. It pays to plan ahead, and with a portable tire inflator in your trunk or garage, you can gain much-needed peace of mind in case one of your wheels gets a bad stem. valve stem, flat tire, or any of the other common problems. reasons behind why tires can lose air. Now, for a limited time on Amazon, you can get one of most popular tire inflators on the market with a big discount.

Initially $90, the Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor is currently on sale for around $56, so you’ll save almost $34. This cordless tool boasts a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and has been reviewed by over 14,000 buyers, many of whom rave about how quick and easy inflation it is and is simple to use. , even for beginners who have never used a device of this ilk before.

One thing that gives this Avid Power model an edge over its competitors is that you can connect it to multiple power sources. It has a 20-volt rechargeable battery and comes with a 12-volt car adapter, which you can use at a dead end if you get stuck in the recovery lane. The battery itself includes a USB port and lights up, revealing the remaining battery life after use.

Another thing that is good about this tire inflator, besides its ergonomic design, is that it can work on car, motorcycle, and bicycle tires, as well as inflatable toys and balls. You can also preset it to your desired tire pressure, and it will automatically shut off once it reaches it. The brand Is make a point on mentioning that it is not intended for use with large truck tires, and some Amazon reviewers note that while convenient to use, this Avid Power item can be noisy.

Still, this top-notch product is definitely worth adding to your toolbox or emergency preparedness kit, especially now that it’s on sale. Get the Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor for $56 on Amazon today, before that deal faded into a distant memory.