VanMoof S5 & A5 Electric Bike Release Information Price

Growing up, I always lived in big cities. I’m talking about Jakarta, Hong Kong and now London – cities with thousands, if not millions of cars, but I’ve never driven once.

In London, taking an Uber is incredibly easy. I press a button on my phone and voila! A driver is less than five minutes from my house and will pick me up and take me to my destination shortly. What a dream! Well, if only it were that simple.

Unfortunately, London is insanely expensive and the average Uber ride is around $20 (i.e. not taking into account rush hours, rush hours, etc.) which means that in the long run term, it’s just not feasible, especially not for young people. people.

So what is the solution? A bicycle, of course.

In London, the average commuter spends around £120 GBP (approximately US$160) per month on travel, whether using the bus, train or tube. In the long run, it’s also a lot of money – money that could be invested in a bike.

Enter: VanMoof.

I toyed with the idea of ​​buying a bike for a long time. After all, it’s the fastest and easiest way to get around the city.

As a loyal user of Uber bikes, I have recognized the value of an e-bike. It can take you anywhere incredibly quickly and get you there without you needing to put all your power into the bike, leaving you drenched in sweat.

Today, Amsterdam-based VanMoof launched its two new bikes, dubbed Lyra and Vega, and once again pledged to “revolutionize the way people experience their cities around the world”.

“This is not just a leap forward for e-mobility, but for the future of our cities as a whole,” the label said.

For those of you who like the tech behind the bike, you’ll be enthralled by the new Gen 5 motor. There’s even a Boost button, which will get you going full throttle. The bikes also have a long-lasting battery, which means you can cycle for hours.

I know what you’re thinking. “Someone is going to steal it!” and yes, that’s a big fear for me too, and also part of the reason why I didn’t pull the trigger when it came to buying my own bike.

But, every VanMoof comes with anti-theft technology! “Our ironclad protection puts bike thieves out of business,” says the brand.

With VanMoof’s “Peace of Mind” service, they literally have bike hunters who will track down your bike or replace it in the event of a tragic theft. There are also Bike Doctors, who help you with technical problems.

VanMoof is already present in more than 50 cities and counts big names such as Frank Ocean and Tyler, The Creator on its long list of fans.

It’s about changing the narrative around cycling and encouraging more people to see more of their city while doing it.

You don’t have to wear spandex with sports sunglasses – you can also enjoy a leisurely stroll. And even fashion, thanks to collaborations with labels like Jacquemus and GANNI.

With public transport prices rising, as well as Ubers and taxis in major cities, investing in a VanMoof just might be in our best interest – and the label knows it.

“We want to make our cities greener, cleaner and more enjoyable places to live. And the more people who join the revolution, the better – that’s why our e-bikes are now more accessible than ever. .”

The VanMoof S5 and A5 are currently available through the label’s waitlist, which launched online today, or through an early access code.

Retailing at £2,298 (around US$3,000), it’s certainly an investment, but it’s one VanMoof hopes more young people will make, to completely rewrite the narrative around transport – and we’re all aboard.