Guardian dies saving money from candy sales


A guard from a private security company was killed in an exchange of fire in the Korangi 1½ area. His body was transferred to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center for an autopsy.

The slain security guard has been identified as Muhammad Iqbal Butt, 55, son of Muhammad Khurshid Butt. The security guard killed was an employee of Ultra Security Company and a resident of Korangi.

In this regard, SHO Korangi Zahid Lodhi told The Express Tribune that the shots took place during a robbery. The slain security guard was guarding the vehicle carrying the sweets. Meanwhile, four unidentified gunmen riding two motorbikes near Korangi 1½ opened fire as they intercepted the car.

The security guard died instantly. The armed suspects took the vehicle after getting the driver out of the car. He said the armed suspects left the confectionery vehicle near Chiniot Hospital in Korangi 2½ and fled.

SHO said the slain security guard’s weapon was present in the vehicle, while the armed robbers took nothing from the car. He said police found a spent shell from a 30-caliber pistol at the scene, which they seized in custody while further information was obtained from the driver of the vehicle.